Monday, 26 August 2019 21:30

Looking ahead for Next Gen GP

Becks Fisher and Will Owen reflect on taking over the national leadership of Next Gen GP and how they're approaching the next year.
Indulge us in an analogy for a moment…
Just suppose your friend is suddenly indisposed. They ask you to look after their baby for a few months. You’ve known it since birth and are frequently surprised by how quickly it is growing. You really want to help, for both the baby and your friend’s sake, but saying yes is a daunting prospect.
To start with you think about meeting its basic needs – surely you can babysit for a few months and then hand it back safe and happy? But you quickly realise that won’t be enough. Basic needs are important, but babies grow, and being responsible for growth and development is a whole new ball game. What’s more, folks will be watching, and they’re bound to have opinions on how well you’re parenting. You owe it to all concerned to do a good job if you say yes.
So… to accept the challenge or not? At the end of the day perhaps you just care about that friend, and that baby, too much to refuse…
We’d be the first to acknowledge that this isn’t a perfect analogy, but we’re pretty sure you’ve caught the drift. We’re hugely excited to be taking on the leadership of Next Gen GP, but in equal part daunted too. We’re determined to do our very best, not only to babysit Next Gen but to ensure its growth and development continues to exceed expectations.
To do that we’re going to need help. Lots of it!
We’re committed to proactively seeking out wisdom and listening to guidance, so we’re delighted to have recruited a Next Generation GP ‘Advisory Group’ to help steer our course. We’re hugely grateful to Nick Harding, Nikki Kanani, Sam Jones, Dominique Allwood, Richard Taunt and Oliver Nyumbu for agreeing to be our senior strategy brains.
We’re also putting into action lots of the things we’ve learned through attending Next Gen events. We’ve made time and space to talk about our ways of working – sharing our strengths, thinking about how we can help each other to work better and lead more effectively.
But we’re aware that we have access to yet another resource, far more powerful than our individual abilities or even our best senior leaders – the collective wisdom and energy of all of you.
Next Gen GP is many things to many people, amongst them a network and movement of over 1300 bright, engaged, committed individuals – each of you a valuable resource in your own right, and collectively incredibly powerful. As we take on the leadership of Next Gen we hope to draw on that resource as well, aware that it will amplify and magnify all individual efforts.
So how can you contribute?
Hopefully you’ll tell us! But for a start, stay engaged. Give us the gift of feedback – share your ideas with us and tell us what more Next Gen could do to support you in your next steps in leadership. Tell us how we could be doing better. Think about whether you might want to lead a Next Gen programme in your locality, or get involved in some other way to keep our existing groups connected and energised. Or suggest the opportunity to someone else you think might.
Whilst Nish is having her own parenting adventure we’ve accepted the challenge and privilege of holding the Next Gen ‘baby’: basic needs, developmental needs – the whole caboodle! But we know we’re not doing it alone, and we’re asking for your support along the way. After all, it takes a village…..
Becks and Will