Next Gen Nabs: Duncan Shrewsbury

 Duncan Shrewsbury 450x450What role(s) do you hold at the moment? I am now working as an academic GP - so I run the Clinical Practice component of the BSMS undergraduate course as one of their senior lecturers, and spend 2 days a week in clinical practice.Just back in December I changed jobs, stepping down from my role as Local Medical Director – which was hard to do, but absolutely the right decision: I have since joined a small family practice, and feel right at home.

What brings you the most joy at work? The balance of the two different aspects of my working week keep me on my toes and ensure that I never get bored of either. The best bits in GP are when I feel like I have made a difference to someone...sometimes that can be from being clever (or more likely lucky) with a diagnosis, sometimes (more often) it can come from just being, on ‘their side’ and listening.The university work is challenging and keeps me learning about leading growing and dynamic teams, especially in light of shifting sands, pressures and goal posts (having to re-write an entire term of teaching to work virtually in just a couple of weeks, with no access to the usual university resources, is just one such challenge)!

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