Next Gen Nabs: Sam Finnikin

 samWhat is your biggest challenge?

Turning my ideas into reality. I have no problem coming up with research ideas, orways in which I could lead meaningful change in the system, but I struggle withconverting these ideas into action. Some of this is due to lack of funding or time, andsometimes it’s just not knowing where or how to start. But it’s something I amworking on….

What’s the best leadership/career advice you’ve ever received?

That’s a difficult one. I find it difficult to pick out single pieces of advice, they all gointo the mix and get mulled over in due course. But I know a lot of people worryabout imposter syndrome and I remember someone pointing out that if you’re in aroom, at a table, or involved in a discussion, whatever the forum, you are there for areason. Someone has invited you to contribute. Someone else values what you have to say, so just say it. You may feel that your contributions are naïve or simple, butthat’s your own ideas come easily to you – others are likely to value your contributions more highly.

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