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Don't miss the chance to hear this national Next Gen webinar - an interactive online conversation with 'GP of the year' Dr Farzana Hussain about her leadership journey and experiences leadering within her practice, community and now nationally!


A recording of our online interactive discussion with Hannah Morgan & Nigel Watson in September 2020, sharing ideas for developing partnership working at all levels of the system from their perspectives as GPs as well as PCN clinical director and LMC chief exec respectively.


A recording of our national webinar with Robert Varnam in July 2020, sharing ideas for leaders responding to the uncertainty of the covid pandemic and making change happen.

A recording of our online conversation with David Griffiths & Rupa Joshi discussing how to improve our digital engagement with colleagues, teams and communities (from June 2020).


Tuesday, 08 September 2020 14:48

Next Gen Nabs: Ben Morris


What roles do you hold at the moment? I am a Partner in a rural practice on Dartmoor and the Training Programme Director for the local LEET GPST4s.

What is the best leadership/career advice you've ever received? I think there are two things that have stuck with me. The first is that its not all about leadership, it's about followership too. I want everyone to move together in the same direction with common purpose and vision. The second is about personal values; to be fulfilled and to lead with clarity you need to have a deep understanding of your values.


Our third Next Gen Webinar- with thanks to Prof Michael West!

Prof Michael West


Sunday, 17 May 2020 19:42

Next Gen Nabs: Sam Finnikin

 samWhat is your biggest challenge?

Turning my ideas into reality. I have no problem coming up with research ideas, orways in which I could lead meaningful change in the system, but I struggle withconverting these ideas into action. Some of this is due to lack of funding or time, andsometimes it’s just not knowing where or how to start. But it’s something I amworking on….

What’s the best leadership/career advice you’ve ever received?

That’s a difficult one. I find it difficult to pick out single pieces of advice, they all gointo the mix and get mulled over in due course. But I know a lot of people worryabout imposter syndrome and I remember someone pointing out that if you’re in aroom, at a table, or involved in a discussion, whatever the forum, you are there for areason. Someone has invited you to contribute. Someone else values what you have to say, so just say it. You may feel that your contributions are naïve or simple, butthat’s your own ideas come easily to you – others are likely to value your contributions more highly.

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Our second NextGen Webinar on 'Reconnecting with our strengths and leading under pressure' - with thanks to Hannah Miller!

Friday, 08 May 2020 21:10

Next Gen Nabs: Rachel Steen

Rachel SteenWhat role(s) do you hold at the moment?

I’m Rachel and I am a GP ST3 in Sheffield.

I do a number of things alongside clinical work. I run the Trailblazer GP scheme, supporting GPs working in areas of deprivation across Yorkshire and Humber; I sit on the RCGP Health Inequalities Standing Group; and I’m also part of a group of GPs who have created a website called fairhealth. Fairhealth is a website which provides an educational resource for health professionals on health equity. As part of this online resource, I have been developing a podcast (Finding fairhealth) interviewing experienced colleagues sharing some inspirational and interesting stories on some of the challenges and solutions to tackling health inequity.

I also tweet about health inequity so do get in touch @rmsteen


David HaslamIn this episode, we go backstage with Sir David Haslam, a longtime supporter of Next Generation GP.

David was a GP for over 35 years, and has held a phenomenal number of titles in his career. These include President of the BMA, President and Chair of the RCGP, and most recently Chair of NICE.

He was knighted for services to NHS Leadership in 2018, and is now Chair of a children's cancer charity called CLIC Sargent.

In a moving story, David explains why the cause is so close to his heart.

Click here to access the podcast.

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