NextGen Birmingham

Having had 2 fantastic cohorts previously we're delighted to announce that we're back in Birmingham for our 3rd Next Gen GP cohort between January to May 2020!

Next Gen Birmingham cohort 3 is be led by Kat Denham, Andrew Burlace, Isabelle Zuchelkowski and Vino Manivasagam, supported by Dawn Jackson. 

The West Midlands Team

Vino Manivasagam
Vino is enjoying life in the Midlands as a GP trainee in the South Birmingham VTS having graduated from Oxford and Imperial College London. In addition to being an RCGP AIT Representative she has been actively involved in teaching medical students at the University of Birmingham. She is passionate about clinical leadership and innovation, and is excited to be empowering the next generation.
Katherine Densham
Kat is a salaried GP in south Birmingham. She took a year out of GP training to work as an Education Fellow, and is now an undergraduate tutor for Birmingham Medical School. She believes in the power of good leadership on a small scale as well as a large scale.
Isabelle Zuchelkowski
Isabelle is a Sandwell GPST2 transplanted into the Midlands from Canada via Poland (she thought Oxford was in the West Midlands deanery - they don't teach UK geography in Canada...). Frustrated by the negative culture into which she arrived in the wake of the Brexit vote, she has been doing everything possible to fast-track her understanding of the NHS, the UK political climate, and the fundamental structure of English society with the distant aim of saving the NHS from its apparently inevitable end. She has dragged along her interest in psychology from her McMaster BSc in neuro-psychology with high hopes of developing CBT into her everyday consultations.
Andrew Burlace
Andrew is a salaried GP in South Birmingham. He was a member of the second Midlands Next Gen cohort and is keen to continue his involvement with the programme. Andrew has a keen interest in Medical Education. He teaches second year medical students from Birmingham University and strives to promote General Practice as a positive career choice. He is passionate about ensuring the long-term sustainability of General Practice through quality improvement and workload management.