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January 2019 Book Recommendation

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Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and succeeding under any circumstances 
by John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber

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I love this book as it’s a quick, charming fable (reading time average is under an hour) from the Harvard Business School leadership and change management guru, John Kotter. It is a book that I have read and gone back to lots of times:

Being involved in change, and leading it, can be challenging: however Kotter uses this fable about a penguin colony living in Antarctica to help us. It brings his 8 step process for leading change theory to life.

I find this book useful as a way to help me reflect on where I need to concentrate my efforts and to reassure myself that the personalities that play out in different teams are all normal human behaviour- it brings me reassurance, humour and guidance every time I read it. Each time I can find myself thinking which penguin I am/which penguin others this week when the NHS Long Term Plan is out it may be useful - as we know lots of change needs to happen and the direction is good - but the implementation feels tough - this book brings some leadership theory to help!

“Fables can be fun...but the power of the penguin story lies in helping you act smarter”

Which penguin can you relate to?

Hannah Morgan, Next Gen GP Wessex


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