"The programme gave me the confidence to reach out for opportunities and I've now been offered a job with my local CCG working on quality improvement projects. It has been a really inspiring and motivating experience, thank you so much."


Newly qualified GP


"Thank you. The course was a breath of fresh air It far exceeded my expectations. It was a perfect accompaniment to my first year post CCT. I have already cascaded the useful things I learnt to my peers and my VTS."


Newly qualified GP

"I was contemplating leaving GP after ST3 as I have found training uninspiring and unsupported. This course has reinvigorated me and inspired me to see what can be achieved and what is possible. I can't thank you enough for potentially saving my career in General Practice."



GP trainee

 ​"I wanted to say how grateful I am to the Next Generation GP  team.  I was part of the first cohort in London and really enjoyed hearing from these leaders and how their journeys and lives were similar to everyone else's.  They have inspired me, as have Becks, Nish and Rammya to start on my own leadership journey.  I am now taking time out of my VTS programme to work in HEE as a fellow in the supported return to training team, involved in setting up a whole new programme to improve the lives of junior doctors. 


Thank you so much for this programme and for making me see that leadership is not as hard or as far away as I thought!"


Newly qualified GP


"Since taking part in next generation GP I have re-evaluated the roles I held - some I have given up as I realised they held little value for me and I probably wasn't the best person for them.  Others I have re-enthused myself about and dedicated more time to them as they are more important to me.

In addition - with an old VTS colleague we have established 'North East London GP Parents' - a peer led support group for trainees and sessional GPs who are juggling work and families in our region.  We started the group in March and now have over 110 members.  We have hosted 3 CPD events and several social support events, with more being planned.

I have also taken on a school governor role as one of the speakers at NGGP encouraged - it is such a breath of fresh air to do something different from medicine - but still be able to make a difference and hopefully encourage young people to understand self care and health services better."


Newly qualified GP

"I am working on two projects now in my local area that the course has been crucial to giving me the confidence to initiate and lead on.

As a relatively new GP I have found leading on such projects is very daunting but having attended the course, heard and met such inspiring speakers I definitely feel ENERGISED, ENGAGED and EMPOWERED! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance in future courses. And thank you again!"



Newly qualified GP​

”In a somewhat fragmented clinical world, where caring for patients meant keeping my focus on the day-to-day tasks in hand, Next Generation GP was an opportunity to step back, look up and connect with energised, forward-thinking GPs. The presentations and interviews with leaders across the spectrum of health and social care provided me with an insight and inspiration that has directly influenced the choices I am making as my training progresses.  

Without Next Generation GP, I would not be doing a Darzi Fellowship, or have met some of the unique people I now know, or gained the perspective and drive to grasp the opportunities that have come my way. My only regret is that I can’t keep applying to Next Generation GP every year.”


GP trainee

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you.  Before joining the programme I felt alone in my training scheme and what I hoped was that I would meet other like-minded individuals that shared my passion for health improvement. 

From the moment I stepped into the first session, I realised that I was not alone and with this and insights from inspirational senior leaders, I learned that you do not need to be a manager to be a leader and my 'trainee' status no longer holds me back.

I now have the confidence to seek new opportunities, for example, I contacted my local LMC and now sit as an observer at meetings to gain more understanding of the systems we work in and I have recently enrolled on the Edward Jenner Programme to develop my leadership skills. I reached out to my VTS and found the support of a fellow trainee and together we are beginning the process of setting up a mentoring scheme and looking at ways of improving trainee engagement. 

Although this may not sound like much compared to the achievements of others I strongly believe that the programme kick-started a career I always wished for but never have the confidence to pursue - I can't thank you enough!" 


Newly qualified GP

"Congratulations to the next generation team who managed to engage, energise and empower me to feel positive about the future of general practice and the infinite potentials of my role within it- well done!"


Newly qualified GP

"Since doing the NGGP course I applied for, and was elected to be, the NCEL Lead Rep for RCGP AiT committee.  Through that I was invited to sit on the NCEL faculty board as a trainee representative as well as the NCEL trainee committee at HEE.  I then was elected the new chair of the NCEL trainee committee.  I am applying to do formal coaching training as well as public speaking training, following the strength finding evening hosted by NGGP.  This identified my potential strength in communication, but helped me acknowledge my pitfalls.  

 Through NGGP I’ve realised the strength of my voice, particularly my written word.  When NCEL heard we were losing funding for our GP residential, I contributed to collecting opinions from our trainees and forming a report, and poster, which won the prize at the London GP Trainee Conference.  This, at the very least, to a change in the culture of thinking in HEE from not believing in the value of residential, to appreciating the value, but not being able to afford it.  We’ve had assurances that the residential will continue in one form or another, because the value is now appreciated.   

I am currently working on a write up of this for a journal submission, with the confidence that NGGP has given to me.  I’ve done all of this whilst on maternity leave, so cannot wait to see what the future holds once I’m back at work.  

I feel incredibly passionate that NGGP is vital in inspiring us, the next generation of leaders, and can’t speak highly enough of its positive influence on my life."


GP trainee

"Thank you for all the effort you put into organising this. It was truly inspiring and I got a huge deal from it. I am delighted to help with opportunities to 'pay forward' and with any future programmes you are rolling out."


GP trainee

"I thought I should put into words how Next Generation GP has affected me as an individual but also potentially influenced my entire career trajectory. 

 The power of the programme can not be underestimated, it is such a worthy cause.  

 When I first heard about Next Generation GP I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea and something I was definitely looking for.  I have always been interested in leadership but am grounded in my passion for General Practice.  My husband had recently secured his consultant job so finally as a medic couple we had geographical stability and it was time for me to start looking for the next platform.  I had started networking and meeting people locally because I had trained in a neighbouring deanery and was not familiar with my local teams. 

Prior to the course I had met some local leaders and ended up in a position for a diabetes job interview the day after the first Next Generation evening in December.  At the beginning of that first evening I clocked a GP on my table who said he was interested in Diabetes and approached him later in the evening to ask if he had an interview the following day and he did....we now work together on a transformation project across West Hampshire and Dorset as GP leads.  I know that going through the Next Generation Programme together has not only developed our individual leadership skills but has also helped us deliver and gain real momentum across Wessex in the management of Type 2 diabetes in primary care.  The words of NHS leaders heard at Next Generation events have often echoed in my head during the last 7 months of the project.

One of the absolute strengths of the programme is the access gained to really influential, wise, experienced leaders who haven't been shy about talking about weaknesses and downsides to pursuing such positions.  The programme has given a balanced view of the responsibilities and sacrifices some have made.  Additionally here in Wessex we had the absolute pleasure of an additional evening in "Strengths based Leadership & Development".  This has revolutionised my understanding of  myself, colleagues and patients.  I really feel this has opened the door to great opportunity.  So as the programme came to an end it left me wondering "what next...."  

Well now I can say I have a further Leadership role specifically as a result of attending Next Generation GP.  I applied to the Wessex LMC for one of the GP Fellow jobs offered following the Programme and was fortunate to be appointed and then attached to Dr Nigel Watson.  Nigel is currently sitting as an independent Chair for the GP Partnership Review which we heard about at the Unconference.  I have already accompanied him to London and met some of the great leaders who spoke at Next Generation GP and now witnessed them in the workplace.  It was such confirmation that Next Generation GP had chosen great leaders to talk to future leaders.      

 I suppose what I am trying to say is that your 6 month programme has been integral to me developing several parts of my portfolio.  The opportunities I see in front of me are vast, and I feel I am so much better equipped to tackle and grab them head on.  I had been the Leadership Scholar in my deanery… but nothing in my GP training years had prepared me like the Next Generation GP programme has.  I feel incredibly privileged to sit in my current position and although I know I need to work hard I now feel energised, engaged and empowered.  

It is clear that a programme like this requires dedication and good leadership, and I want to personally thank you for your part in offering that.  You are doing a fantastic thing for General Practice and the NHS.  I feel such a loyalty to Next Generation that I hope that I can be a part of giving back to it in the future.  

Well done for all that you have achieved, and carry on....for the future depends on it!"​


Newly qualified GP

"I have now initiated a project locally in my CCG and am now more confident to apply for leadership roles in my area. Keep going, it was inspiring for me and I'm sure this will be for other trainees!"


GP trainee

"A fantastic opportunity to network and meet like-minded peers, and get to know senior leaders in Primary Care - thank you."


Newly qualified GP


"It was a totally novel and inspiring thing to be a part of."


GP trainee

"An absolutely superb programme from start to finish, and thank you for setting it up.  Really great work and a fascinating line up of speakers. Well done."


GP trainee

"My biggest learning points have been:  1) things can only get better for general practice, so stay positive- you're in a great profession, and 2) you don't always have to have a perfect map of where you want to go to get to the right destination. Thank you so much."


GP trainee

"I've used the influencing skills taught in one of the sessions to be part of a dialogue at my practice to change working conditions. I've also been motivated to consider a role outside of work which relates very closely to my top strength on Strengths Finder; I don't think I would have appreciated the fit of the role without having done this session. I've been more proactive in putting myself out there and having a voice, and have begun to think about a few particular areas that I particularly relate to, so that I can be clearer on my narrative and the things I want to drive forward."


Newly qualified GP 

"I just loved all of the interviews - everyone who was interviewed was amazingly inspiring and it was a lovely and less-formal way to hear from them."


GP trainee

"Please keep doing more of the same!!! I want to attend every month for the rest of my GP life!!"


GP trainee


"Continue to inspire the future leaders of GP - this has been a wonderful opportunity and eye-opening in terms of what is achievable if one really works for it."



Newly qualified GP

"Thank you for organising and putting together such useful series of talk with prominent leaders who were willing to talk to even a small gathering. Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed this and left feeling very empowered and inspired after each session!"


GP trainee


"Very inspiring! I've been telling my whole VTS that they should get involved if they ever get the opportunity!"


GP trainee

"I cannot emphasise enough how valuable (and timely) this programme was and how very relevant to my local roles. I have endeavoured to disseminate my learning - especially hearing the interpretation of the leaders at the coal face- and therefore fuel local debate about how our area should develop."


Newly qualified GP

"I now believe in myself more and appreciate that I can make a difference at an early stage (rather than thinking I need to be at a certain level or have gained a certain number of years working first before I can speak up.)"


GP trainee