• Next Generation GP was originally established and designed by three GP trainees, all of whom were National Medical Director's Clinical Fellows. We were fortunate enough to learn from some inspiring medical leaders in our fellowship, and wanted to share that opportunity as we continue to learn ourselves.

    At the core of the programme is a series of regular evening events, composed of two key elements:

    ​1) An interview with one of the foremost leaders in UK general practice, with the majority of the time given to participant questions.

    2) A workshop, led by a systems leader, with each event focusing on a specific topic.

  • In the face of unprecedented pressures the landscape of the NHS is changing rapidly, and the centre of gravity is moving rapidly towards primary care.
    This represents an exciting opportunity for new GPs to be involved in improving frontline services for our patients.
    That said, with the largest curriculum and the shortest time to learn it all, many of us start out without a clear understanding of the system we'll be working in, the changes being planned around us, or the tools to lead change effectively. The NHS needs change makers, and primary care needs them too.

    This is about engaging a new generation of leaders in primary care, equipping them with the skills and networks to succeed, and empowering them with the belief that they can translate insight into impact.
  • Next Generation GP is aimed at GP trainees and early career GPs (first 5-7 years) with an interest in health policy and the wider NHS. Formal qualifications in leadership and/or management are not required. Instead, we're looking for enthusiasm, commitment, passion and drive to change the system around us to better serve the needs of our patients and the profession.