"Someone else described it like a professional hug, and I agree...it really was. I felt calmer and more optimistic afterwards."

"Thank you to everyone who organised this - it's great to have these bursts of positivity throughout these difficult times"

"I loved Helen Stokes-Lampard's infectious enthusiasm for general practice. I started the session tired and weary, but finished with a huge smile on my face. Her practical tips for managing clinical and non- clinical time were SO useful."

“I am working on two projects now in my local area that the programme has been crucial to giving me the confidence to initiate and lead on.

As a relatively new GP I have found leading on such projects is very daunting but having attended the course, heard and met such inspiring speakers I definitely feel energised, engaged and empowered!”

“It was an absolutely fantastic session. Every time I listen to a NextGen podcast or webinar, I come away inspired and enthused about my career choice”

  • What is Next Gen GP?

    NextGen GP is a funded national leadership programme for trainees and new GPs. We want to engage a new generation of leaders in primary care, equipping them with the skills and networks to succeed, and empowering them with the belief that they can translate insight into impact.

  • What's it all for?

    In the face of unprecedented pressures the landscape of the NHS is changing rapidly, and the centre of gravity is moving rapidly towards primary care. This represents an exciting opportunity for new GPs to be involved in improving frontline services for our patients.

    That said, with the largest curriculum and the shortest time to learn it all, many of us start out without a clear understanding of the system we'll be working in, the changes being planned around us, or the tools to lead change effectively.

    The NHS needs change makers, and primary care needs them too.

  • How do we do this?

    ENERGISE: through access to the stories, perspectives and expertise of inspiring leaders.

    ​​​ENGAGE: through a supportive network of like minded local trainees and early career GPs.

    EMPOWER: through a series of workshops designed to increase your ability to shape care within and beyond your organisation



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